by Dakhma

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released March 4, 2014




Dakhma Grand Rapids, Michigan

decay / decline / ruin

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Track Name: cut
dig it out of me
this thing that burns
and twists and turns
my blood to tar

wash my hands brother
cut me open mother
i've been nothing but trouble
with no concerns

there's nothing but
troubles and no concerns
Track Name: rot
there will be a day eventually
where i will resent myself and all the time i missed
you're sitting rotting in silence
with nothing but a broken guitar

your love means nothing to me
this ungrateful restless mass of cells
where a heart should be

i don't know who's fault it is
or if it was ever there

what pain was worthy of such anhedonia
some minor realities have hit hard
when i'm sitting rotting in silence
i'll think of you and hate myself for everything i didn't do
Track Name: bricks
pull him out of it, behind those bars
his rotten scars we paid for

no regrets, our cultures dead
no regrets, when tearing prisons down

turn to candlesticks, and magics,
and matchsticks, and bricks

broken candlesticks, vindictive magics
burnt matchsticks, and bricks
Track Name: saccharine
absorbed by ice
it all means nothing
and all their lies
they all mean nothing
this cold bright season of saccharine

the engine's broke
the door's stuck shut
and so we move
from silo to silo

and all their lies
they all mean nothing
so we move
from silo to silo

the engine;s broke
the door's stuck shut
Track Name: parasomnia
witches shadow
you're not coming back
to sleep for for fear
of dreams too real

and you need more pills
so you steal

try to stay still
against your will
kill me
or let me sleep

nightmares, terrors
failures, unanswered prayers

nightmares of your terrors
your failure, your unanswered prayers

and you need more pills
to sleep, so you steal